All game modes in Assault Bots

Transform into alien robots and take part in breathtaking battles in Assault Bots now. Play as a team or alone and try to defeat as many foes as possible.

Like MX Offroad Master, this game has many playable game modes that you can choose.

  • Bot Battles: In this mode, you will join any available room and join the fight alone. During the fight, you need to shoot down as many enemies as possible to become the strongest fighter in the arena. Moreover, you can drive vehicles to go around the arena.
  • Team Deathmatch: This mode allows you to play as a team with other players from all over the world or your friends. The time is limited, so you need to destroy as many enemies as possible to gain victory for your team.
  • Capture the Flag: The mode requires you to cooperate with your teammates to capture as many flags as possible. These flags are scattered around the arena. You must look at the map to know their positions. Besides capturing the flags, you also need to watch out for the attacks of your rivals. The team who has more flags when time's up will become the winner of the fight.

How to control

Press WASD or arrow keys to move

Click the left mouse button to aim and shoot.

Hold the right mouse button to zoom in.

Press a 1 or 2 key switch weapons

Press the spacebar to use the hand brake

Press the Shift key to activate the turbo

Press an E key to jump

Press an R key to reload

Press a T key to open the chat

Press a Tab key to open the scoreboard

Press the Esc key to pause the game.