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Batman Super Bike

The playing guidelines for Batman Super Bike

Traverse the Gotham City with Batman in Batman Super Bike. Collect as many Batman badges as possible and cross the finish line in the shortest time.

In Gotham City, many criminals run their illegal activities. To protect the security of this city, Batman has to drive his motorcycle to go around the city to catch bad guys. You need to help our hero reach his destination safely. The road is not flat. Instead, it is full of steep slopes, so you need to drive the motorcycle skillfully to avoid flipping and dying. It is an opportunity to show you the driving skill that you learned in Turbo Moto Racer. Besides, you also need to collect all Batman badges along the way. Note that each Batman badge is worth 100 points. You need to gather as many Batman badges as possible to gain the highest possible score.

How to control

Press an up arrow key to accelerate the speed.

Press left-right arrow keys to keep balance.

Press a down arrow key to stop.

All levels in Batman Super Bike

There are 10 challenging levels in this game. The road will be more treacherous when you move to the higher level. Therefore, you need to be careful to complete the levels. Note that all levels in this game have no time limit. Therefore, you don't need to increase the speed to reach the finish line soon. Take it slow to get to the finish line safely. Do your best to complete all levels and protect the Gotham City from bad guys.