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Brain For Monster Truck

About Brain For Monster Truck

Brain For Monster Truck is a thrilling puzzle and driving game in which you will create roads and then control the truck to reach the destination.

Reaching the destination

Are you ready to experience a novelty game that few driving games have? A new combination of puzzle and driving games will have you unforgettable moments.

There are platforms placed anywhere in this game and your truck is on one of these platforms. There is another platform with a red flag representing your destination. In addition, there are 3 stars located on the platforms or in any position. Your task is to draw roads connecting the platforms together so that the truck can move on those roads and reach the destination. It will be better if those roads can help your truck collect all the stars.

You need to be aware that your truck is carrying a crate and it must be transported to its destination safely. If this box is dropped from the vehicle during transportation, your mission will fail. In addition, the mission will also fail if your truck is damaged. Finally, Grand Extreme Racing is one of the exciting racing games that you should experience on our website.

How to control

  • Hold the left mouse button and draw the roads.
  • Hold the left and right arrows on the screen or use the left and right arrow keys to control your truck to move back and forward.

Some notes for players to play

  • Try to draw the roads as flat as possible to avoid bouncing as the truck moves. This will reduce the chance of the crate falling during transit.
  • Use the eraser to erase the error paths and then draw a new path.
  • The game has 24 levels in all and you will have to conquer the first levels to unlock the following levels.
  • The stars that you collect at each level will be considered a reflection of your playing skills.