All puzzles in Brain Test

Challenge yourself with hard puzzles in Brain Test now. Utilize your intelligence to solve all puzzles in the game to earn as many gold coins as possible.

This game is the first version of Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories. In this version, there are fewer puzzles. However, all puzzles are still really challenging. You will be required to find the direction of the bus, find the number of wheels, patch the hole of a wheel, and so on. You must think carefully and logically to find the right answers to the puzzles in the game. Note that you will be rewarded with a lot of coins after solving a puzzle. Moreover, you can open three of nine treasure chests. These chests contain many coins and pets. You must try to open the chest that contains the pet. Do your best to collect 4 pets.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose the right answer.

Power-ups Brain Test

This game has three power-ups that will assist you when you get stuck. Specifically, if you want to get a suggestion about the answer to the puzzle, you can click on the bulb button. If you click on the second button, you will get the answer to this puzzle. Finally, if you want to skip this puzzle, just click on the third button.