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Break The Siesta

Engaging gameplay of Break The Siesta

Welcome to Break The Siesta which is an interesting platform game featuring many levels. Jump and collect as many peppers as possible to fill the spicy bar.

Are you ready for an exciting adventure with a cool guy? Because peppers are his gasoline, you need to collect as many peppers as possible to increase his energy. You must take control of the character to jump on different platforms to collect peppers. Pay attention to the spicy bar at the right of the screen. It will be filled when you collect peppers. However, when you stop doing that, it will be empty and the game is over. Therefore, don't let it empty until you collect the biggest pepper at the top of the tower. Besides, take caution with milk slime, water slime, and cannons. If you touch them, your energy will decrease faster. Try to jump over them if you do not want to lose soon. You will earn many points after completing a Scoville level.

Collecting peppers will help to unlock different hats such as a sombrero, a winter hat, an uncle sam, a leprechaun, a jamaican, and so on. Choose one of them to make your character more impressive.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to jump.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Alessandro Pezzetti who is the founder of Havana24. Havana24 is a one-man indie game development studio based in Italy. Like Moto X3M, this game is also playable on both PC and mobile devices.