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Bullet Force Multiplayer

About Bullet Force Multiplayer

Try playing Bullet Force Multiplayer which is an exciting multiplayer shooting game with a first-person perspective. Play as a team or fight alone.

At the start of the game, you need to choose to join available rooms or create a new room. If you join an available room, your teammates and opponents will be other players from all over the world. Meanwhile, if you create a new room, you can invite your friends or relatives to play with you. After that, you need to choose the game mode. Like Highway Racer, this game also has many game modes. There are 7 game modes with different playing rules. They are Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Conquest, VIP, Hardcore TDM, Hardcore FFA, Gun Game, and One Man Show (Gun Game). All game modes are available for gameplay, except for the VIP mode. You must upgrade your account if you want to play this mode.

Then, you will join the thrilling shooting fight in which all shooters are equipped with powerful guns and armor. You need to shoot down your enemies in the arena to earn the highest score and a high rank. After each shooting fight, you will claim a lot of money which can be used to purchase stronger armor and guns in the shop.

How to control

Press the WASD to move.

Press the Space to jump.

Press a T key to chat.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Press a Shift key to run

Press a P key to pause the game

Press an Enter key to respawn

Press a G key to throw a grenade

Press an E key to pick up a gun

Press an F key to use a knife

Press an R key to reload your weapon

Press a C key to crouch

Press a 2 key to change your weapon

Press the Arrow keys for killstreaks

Press the Tab key for the score