About Candy Crush

The gameplay

Candy Crush is a classic puzzle game featuring awesome graphics and many worlds. Match three or more candies to collect them and earn many points.

Play this game and explore many candy worlds now. In each candy world, you must complete hundreds of challenging levels to collect delicious candies. At each level, you have to change the positions of the candies to match three or more identical candies. Note that the more candies you can collect, the more points you can earn. You must complete the goal of the level and earn the highest score before you run out of moves. Besides, you should remember that you can get a color bomb if you combine five identical candies. If you match this color bomb with a nearby candy, other candies which have the same color as this candy will be destroyed.

All boosters

There are four boosters that you need to unlock. These boosters will assist you when you get stuck.

  • Free Switch: This booster helps to switch two different or identical candies.
  • Lollipop Hammer: This booster helps to break any candy on the playing field.
  • Striped: This booster will create a tripped candy.
  • Wrapped: This booster will create a wrapped candy.

All levels in Candy Crush

Like Coaster Racer 2, this game also has many levels. You need to complete thousands of challenging levels. In general, these levels are classified into 7 types. They are Move Levels, Jelly Levels, Ingredient Levels, Timed Levels, Candy Order Levels, Mixed Mode Levels, and Rainbow Rapid Levels. Each type of level has a distinct mission that you need to finish. For example, at move levels, you need to get a certain score within a limited number of moves. Meanwhile, at jelly levels, your objective is to eliminate the jelly on the board. Try to win all levels and explore interesting things in the candy worlds.