Noteworthy information about Car Eats Car 2

Car Eats Car 2 is a thrilling driving game in which you will join a car chase. Drive your car as fast as possible to escape evil cars and reach the exit door.

The plot

A boy is bullied because his red car is smaller and weaker than other boys. Therefore, he is really sad. At night, when he is sleeping, he has a nightmare. His toy car is chased by cannibal cars. These cars have stronger features. Therefore, the car has to run as fast as possible to escape from these evil cars.

The gameplay

When playing this game, you must help the little red car reach the exit door to escape from the evil cars. You must drive the car to overcome dangerous obstacles. These obstacles will make the car break. Therefore, you should collect repair kits to repair the car. Moreover, you also need to gather rubies along the way. Pick up as many rubies as possible because they are important. If you can get to the finish line safely, you can move to the next level.

Additionally, you should come to the shop and upgrade the armored hull, jet engine, engine, and wheels to raise the health and speed of your car. Come on! Join this game now and do not miss playing Drift Boss which is an interesting game on our website.

How to control: Use the arrow keys to drive your car.

Impressive features of Car Eats Car 2

All modes and levels in the game

In this game, you need to complete 20 levels like Uphill Rush 8. The higher the level, the more obstacles you have to overcome. Therefore, you must handle the toy car skillfully to escape from cannibal cars. Besides levels, this game offers three modes. They are Easy Mode, Normal Mode, and Hard Mode. Before starting each level, you are allowed to choose one of three modes. The Easy Mode is suitable for new players but you will get no bonus after winning a level. If you choose the Normal Mode, you can claim a bonus such as 50% rubies and 50% repair kits after winning. Finally, let’s challenge yourself with the Hard Mode to obtain a bonus such as 100% rubies and 100% repair kits.

All achievements

There are 50 achievements in this game. After completing an achievement, you will claim a medal and a lot of repair kits. Here is the list of achievements and some tips to accomplish them.

  • Destroyer: To earn this achievement, you need to destroy 5 enemies.
  • Pilot: If you want to earn this achievement, you need to fly within 2 seconds.
  • Mechanic: Let’s use 2 repair kits to gain this achievement.
  • Persistent: You will get this achievement if you perform 1 restart.
  • Hardcorer: You must use 1 super bonus to earn this achievement.
  • Impregnable: To gain this achievement, you must complete one level with 100% health.
  • Driver: If you want to earn this medal, you have to run 5km.
  • Acrobat: Perform 2 bonus flips to gain this achievement.
  • Tycoon: You must collect 100 rubies on the road to earn this achievement.
  • Hunter: You need to destroy the slasher at least once.