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Car Eats Car Evil Cars

Engaging gameplay of Car Eats Car Evil Cars

Join a chase between a police car and an evil car in the game Car Eats Car Evil Cars. Go as fast as possible to return to your base and collect rubies.

This game is a new version of Car Eats Car 2. In this new installment, you will transform into a criminal car. You are wanted and chased by police cars. Therefore, you must go as fast as possible to escape from the police cars. Along the way, you will meet other cars. Don't hesitate to attack them to earn more rubies. You can approach these cars and consume them or throw bombs at them to destroy them. Besides, you need to collect as many rubies and power-ups as possible. The power-ups will help to increase your health and speed.

There are 36 levels in this game. Four of these levels are boss levels. In these levels, you need to fight against strong bosses. If you can win, you will be rewarded with many medals. Therefore, you should try your best to defeat all bosses at these levels.

How to control

Use arrow keys to control the car.

Use the Spacebar to drop bombs.

Use an X key to activate the nitro.

All playable cars in Car Eats Car Evil Cars

There are 17 playable cars in this game. You can get them in many ways. Here is the list of the strongest cars in the game. You can refer to it to choose a suitable car.

  • Gator: This car is available at the start of the game. It is an old green truck. You need to upgrade its armor, speed, turbo, and damage to make it more powerful.
  • Harvester: This car is only unlocked after you win 1 boss. It is a red harvester with a big mower. This mower can destroy every enemy in front of it.
  • Archiver: You need to win 2 bosses if you want to unlock this car. It is a real predator which is blue and has two huge red buckets