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Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure

The rules of Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure

Start a new adventure in the sea with an evil car in Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure. Explore an exotic island and destroy every evil car along the way.

This game is a new version of Car Eats Car 2 featuring more exciting adventures. In this game, the evil car wants to discover an exotic land. Therefore, you need to drive the car to go around and collect as many gems as possible. Moreover, some power-ups will help to refill the fuel and health of your car. You should take caution with other monster cars. Their shape looks like a fish. They will actively chase you and attack you. You eliminate them to earn extra coins. Besides, don't hesitate to attack normal cars on the island.

How to control:

Use arrow keys to drive the car.

Use the spacebar to drop bombs.

Use X + Left Shift to activate the turbo.

New cars in Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure

Like Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure, this game also has many cars that you can choose to play. However, the cars in this game are different from those in previous versions. Here is the list of some cool cars in the game.

  • Loco Machine: This car is unlocked after you complete level 16. It is green and carries many oil barrels.
  • Berserker: If you can complete 25 levels and earn a lot of gems, use 4000 gems to buy this character. This car causes a large amount of damage to other monster cars on the island.
  • Beetle: This is a small red car.
  • Francopstein: It is a craftable car that can be changed to a police car.
  • Carocop: This car has 6 wheels and is equipped with many strong weapons. If you can reach the final levels, you can unlock this character.