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Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

The gameplay of Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure

Are you ready for a new adventure in the new version called Car Eats Car: Volcanic Adventure? Traverse the volcanic caves and struggle with monster cars.

Explore the volcanic cave

After completing an exciting adventure in Car Eats Car 2, our wild car gets lost in a volcano cave. You must help the car find the way to leave this volcano cave as soon as possible. Drive it at a fast speed to reach the exit door. Take caution with obstacles such as spikes, buzzsaws, lavas, and fumaroles along the way. In addition, you also need to watch out for small monster cars you meet during the adventure. They will chase you and attack you. You had better jump as high as possible to overcome obstacles and kill all enemies. Pick up power-ups which will help to refill your health bar and increase your speed dramatically. Do not forget to collect eggs and red gems in the volcanic caves.

How to control

Use arrow keys to control the car.

Use the Spacebar to drop bombs.

Use an X key to activate the nitro.

The garage in Car Eats Car Volcanic Adventure

All playable cars

There are only 2 playable cars in this game. You need to go to the garage to upgrade their turbo, armor, speed, and damage after completing a level.

  • Carbone: This car is available at the start of them. It has a big skull with yellow teeth and its body is covered by a skeleton.
  • Turtle: It is a large brown car with a turtle shape. You can find this car underground

All gadgets and bombs

Like Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure, the garage in this installment also sells gadgets and bombs. However, there are fewer gadgets. Specifically, you can use your gems to purchase a missile launcher, a magnet, and a bomb replicator. Moreover, you can buy only three bombs which are a frag bomb, a flame bomb, and a cluster bomb. However, the prices of bombs and gadgets in this game are cheaper. Specifically, you just need to pay 1000 rubies to buy a missile launcher that can fire devastating homing missiles.