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Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure

Ways to beat all levels in Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure

Visit the Winter Wonderland in Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure now. Join a thrilling fight against police cars and get to your base in the shortest time.

After exploring the dungeon in Car Eats Car: Dungeon Adventure, the car returns to his base in Winter Wonderland. In this land, he starts a new adventure that is more dangerous and exciting. Do you want to go with him? At the start of each level, you need to spin the lucky wheel to get power-ups. These power-ups will assist you a lot during the adventure. After that, click the Play button to start your thrilling adventure. You must guide the evil car to go through numerous deadly traps on the road to reach his base. The police cars will appear suddenly and attack you. They want to catch you. Therefore, you need to increase your speed to escape from them. Another way is to attack them to eliminate all police cars along the way. In addition, you also need to grab as many rubies as possible. These rubies can be used to buy gadgets such as a missile launcher, magnet, freeze ray, bomb replicator, and EMP emitter in the garage.

How to control

Use arrow keys to control the car.

Use the Spacebar to drop bombs.

Use an X key to activate the nitro.

All kinds of bombs in Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure

The garage in this game sells not only gadgets but also bombs. It is a unique feature of this game which is different from the original version named Car Eats Car 2. You must buy them to destroy your enemies. So, what is the best bomb? Here is the answer.

  • Frag Bomb: This bomb costs 2500 rubies and inflicts additional damage by frags.
  • Flame Bomb: Its price is 5000 dollars. When it explodes, it can destroy everything in a wide range and cause large damage.
  • Cluster Bomb: This bomb costs 10,000 dollars. It can destroy a blast area.
  • Shrink Bomb: It is the most expensive bomb in the garage because it costs 15,000 rubies. It will shrink your opponents to funny microorganisms