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Cooking Mania Express

About Cooking Mani Express

Try becoming an owner of a burger restaurant in Cooking Mania Express. Make delicious burgers and drinks to serve as many customers as you can.

The gameplay

In this game, you will play as an owner of a burger restaurant. The menu of your restaurant includes burgers and different kinds of drinks such as lemon juice, soda, salad, and coffee. Every day, your restaurant welcomes many customers who will take different orders. You must look at their orders and make yummy burgers and drinks that the customers want. If you make the wrong burgers, throw them in the trash. If you sell them to the customers, they will get angry and pay nothing. Moreover, if some customers are in a rush, they have a limited time to wait. You can use salad to restore their patience.

How to control: Use the mouse to play.

The game modes

This game has three game modes which are Tutorial Mode, Mission Mode, and Quick Play Mode. If you are a newbie, you should play Tutorial Mode first to learn how to make burgers and drinks. Then, you can choose the Quick Play Mode. In this mode, your goal is to sell as many burgers and drinks as possible to earn as many coins as you can. In the Mission Mode, you need to complete 8 missions. Each mission requires you to complete the target within a limited time to gain a high reward.

The shop in Cooking Mania Express

In the shop, you can buy many items such as a chair, a jukebox, a flower pot, and five salads. Note that the chair, jukebox, and flower pot will help to increase the tips that the customers will pay you. Meanwhile, the salads will help to restore the customers' patience. You can use your coins to purchase these items which will assist you a lot in managing the burger restaurant.