The gameplay of Crazy Birds

Join a rescue plan with Crazy Birds now. Shoot red birds to make them fly and eliminate all piggies in the arena to gain the highest possible score.

The fight between angry birds and piggies is taking place. You must help red birds defeat their enemies. The birds will jump and lie on the slingshot. Then, you need to hold the left mouse button to aim and release it to shoot the birds at piggies. You will gain many points after eliminating a pig. You have only three birds. It means that you have only three chances to shoot. If you cannot defeat all piggies after running out of birds, you will lose. Try to win the fight and gain the highest possible score and three stars.

How to control: Hold the left mouse and then release it to shoot the birds.

All levels in Crazy Birds

There are 28 challenging levels in this game. The fight will be more thrilling when you move to higher levels. Therefore, you need to utilize your shooting skills to eliminate the piggies with one shot. Your objective is to earn three stars at each level and accomplish all levels in the game.