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Death Race Monster Arena

Welcome to car races and battles in Death Race Monster Arena. Drive your monster cars to hit other cars and race with them to get a high rank.

All game modes in Death Race Monster Arena

This game has four game modes with different playing rules. Choose one of them and play the game now.

Derby Mode

Like Grand Extreme Racing, this mode also allows you to play the game alone or with your friends. In this mode, you have to participate in a thrilling car battle. You must drive your monster car to go around the arena and destroy other cars. You also need to be careful because other cars also want to do the same thing with you. Therefore, whenever any car wants to approach and hit your car, you should increase your speed to escape as fast as possible. Besides, you also need to watch out for bomb barrels around the arena and a giant buzzsaw in the center of the arena. If you hit them, your car will be destroyed. Do not forget to collect mysterious boxes which help to accelerate your speed dramatically, refill your blood bar, or activate the shield which protects you from the damage of other cars. Try to destroy as many cars as possible to gain the highest score and the high rank on the leaderboard.

Racing Mode

This mode gives you a chance to show off the racing skill that you learned in Two Player: Mayhem Racing. You will join the race with the other 7 racers. In the race, your objective is to be the first one to complete two laps. One tip is to go over speed zones to increase your speed dramatically to overtake your opponents. Try not to fall off the racetrack if you do not want to lose the race. Note that this mode has 5 levels. It means that you need to take part in five car races to become the ultimate winner.

Challenge Mode

The third game mode in the game is the Challenge Mode. In this mode, there is a bomb in your car. This bomb will explode after 1 minute and 45 seconds. Therefore, you need to drive your monster car to go as fast as possible to get to the finish line before the bomb explodes. Note that you can revive five times if you fall off the racetrack. This mode has 10 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Beat all challenges and earn as many coins as possible.

Free Drive

The final mode in this game is the Free Drive Mode. This game mode is designed for newbies who want to practice their driving skills. You can play it to learn how to drive a monster car. Besides, you can invite your friends to this game mode with you.

How to control


Press the WASD keys to drive the car.

Press the spacebar to use the handbrake.

Hold the shift key to increase the speed.

Press a C key to change the camera view.

Press an R key to roll back.

Press a T key to look back.


Press the arrow keys to drive the car.

Press a K key to use the handbrake.

Hold the N key to boost the speed.

Press a D key to change the camera view.

Press an L key to look back.

Press a U key to roll back.