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Double Bike Battle

The playing rules of Double Bike Battle

Invite your friends to join the stunt races in Double Bike Battle now. Drive your motorbike to perform stunts and earn as many coins as possible.

Join the battle

In this game, you can choose between two game modes which are the 1-Player mode and the 2-Player mode. In the 1-Player mode, you need to drive your motorbike to go around and perform stunts to earn points. The more points you can earn the more coins you will claim. In the 2-Player mode, you need to invite your friend to join the battle. In this battle, you and your friend will compete to perform stunts. The one who can earn more points and coins will become the winner.

Customize your motorbike

This game offers 7 motorbikes with different designs. They are sold at different prices. You must earn a lot of coins and use them to purchase your favorite motorbike. Then, it is time to customize your motorbike to make it more impressive. You can change the color of your motorbike.

How to control


Press the arrow keys to drive the motorbike.

Press a R key to reset the position.


Press the WASD keys to drive the motorbike.