Join an exciting race in Drift Dudes

Many racers are waiting for you in the drifting races in Drift Dudes. Race with them to complete three laps first and collect as many coins as possible.

It is time to show off the drifting skill that you learned in Drift Hunters. Join the game now and let's see whether you are the best drifter or not. In this game, you will be matched with the other 5 players from over the world. When all racers are gathered, the map will be chosen at random. Next, when the clock reaches zero, it is also time to start the engine and race with other players. The racetrack in this game is super winding and has many corners. You must drift over these corners perfectly and overtake your rivals to become the fastest driver. You should go through the speed boost zone to increase your speed greatly. Your goal is to finish three laps first to become the champion of the car race. The champion will get the first rank on the leaderboard and claim the highest reward. If you get lower ranks, you will obtain fewer coins.

How to control: Press the left-right arrow keys to drive your car.

Customize your car in Drift Dudes

Like Earn To Die 2, this game also offers many cars. However, only one of them is available for you to play while the others are locked in the shop. You must accumulate as many coins as possible for the other three cars in the shop. After buying your favorite car, you can change its color. Next, you can upgrade its handling, acceleration, and max speed. Note that you can upgrade them to level. However, the number of coins will rise whenever you upgrade your car. Therefore, it is important to collect as many coins as possible along the racetrack.