The gameplay of Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is an exciting drifting game featuring various maps and cars. Customize your car and drive it to perform impressive drifts on stunt racetracks.

Are you ready for a drifting car show? The audience are sitting in the stands, cheering, and waiting for an excellent performance. Let's drive your car and show off the driving and drifting skills that you learned in Drift Boss. You must go around the racetrack and drift over corners. The more drifts you can make, the more points you can gain. In particular, if you make a drift at a fast speed, you can earn more points. This game is endless, so your objective is to earn the highest drifting score. The higher score you can get, the more money you can claim. Do not crash into the edges of the racetrack because this can damage your car.

How to control

WASD = move left, right, up, or down.

Spacenbar = use the handbrake

Left Shift = Shift up gears

Left Ctrl = Shift down gears

All cars and maps in Drift Hunters

Playable cars

The garage in this game sells 26 cars with different designs. The designs of these cars are based on real cars of famous brands. Here are some dominant cars that you can buy.

  • Toyota Trueno GT-APEX: This car is available for gameplay at the start of the game, so you can choose to play first. It is white.
  • Datsun 240Z: This car is red and its price is 8,500 dollars. It is the cheapest car in this game.
  • Nissan 240SX: This dark green car costs 10,500 dollars.
  • Mitsubishi Evolution: With a black color, this car is cool. You need to pay 14,700 dollars to get it,
  • Subaru Impreza WRX: This blue car costs 15,100 dollars. It is known as the Stink Eye.

After buying your favorite car, you can change its color. Moreover, you can change the parts of the car to make its engine stronger.

Unlocked maps

This game has 10 racetracks with different terrains. Here are their names and features.

  • Nishuri: This racetrack has a few corners, so it is suitable for beginners.
  • Stadium: This racetrack is long and has more corners.
  • Tyshen: When you race on this racetrack, you have to go on many high slopes and over corners. Therefore, you should increase your speed when racing on this racetrack.
  • Docks: This racetrack is in the dock. There are many containers along the way, so you should watch out for crashing into them.
  • Dust: This racetrack is located in the desert. Note that the sand can slow down your speed. Therefore, you should avoid driving your car to go on the sand.
  • Port: This racetrack is in the port. It is really large, so you can drive your car to race on this racetrack freely.
  • Emashi: This racetrack is really winding, so you must utilize your driving skill to earn the highest drifting score.
  • Touge: This racetrack is built on the mountain, so it is full of slopes and corners. It is only suitable for skillful drivers.
  • Forest: There are many trees along this racetrack. Take caution with them and try not to hit them.
  • City: This racetrack is in the center of a city. There are many crossroads in this racetrack.