About Drive Mad

Drive Mad is the craziest driving game offering 100 levels. Utilize your driving skills to drive the car to the finish line without falling into the water.

The rules

Play this driving game now and let's see how many levels you can complete. It is an opportunity for you to show off the driving skill you learned in Drift Boss. The racetrack in this game is full of slopes, leaps, and rope bridges. You must take control of the car skillfully to cross the finish line safely. Note that if your car flips or falls into the water, you will lose the level. Therefore, you should keep the car balanced at all times to avoid flipping and jump as high as possible to overcome giant leaps.

Martin Magni made this exciting driving game and published it as a WebGL game. Therefore, you can play the game on the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.

How to control


Press a W or Up Arrow Key to go forward.

Press an S or Down Arrow Key to go backward.


Tap the right of the screen to go forward.

Tap the left of the screen to go backward.

All challenging levels in Drive Mad

There are 100 levels. At each level, you need to finish a distinct task to win. Here are some outstanding levels in the game and tactics to beat them.

  • Level 1 - First Gear: It is the easiest level in this game. All you need to do is just to get to the finish line safely.
  • Level 2 - Back Up: At this level, you have to drive your car to go back to reach the finish line.
  • Level 3 - Rope Bridge: At this level, you must go through a long rope bridge carefully.
  • Level 4 - Ramp Up: The racetrack is full of ramps at this level. Be careful!
  • Level 5 - Limo Ledge: The car at this level is a limousine. You should try not to flip while going to the finish line.
  • Level 6 - Smash Hit: This level requires you to drive your car to smash 4 high walls and reach the finish line.
  • Level 7 - Square Wheels: The wheels of the car will change to square. Therefore, it is easy for your car to flip if you drive it at a fast speed.
  • Level 8 - Loop The Loop: The racetrack at this level is a loop.
  • Level 9 - Slippery Slope: The slopes in the racetrack are full of snow and super slippery, you take it slow to get to the finish line without falling into the water.
  • Level 10 - Tire Studs: The wheels of the car at this level are full of studs. They help the car go on the slippery slopes safely.
  • Level 11 - Draw Bridge: All bridges at this level are erected, so you need to push them down and go through them.
  • Level 12: Rocket Car: the car at this level is equipped with a rocket. When you drive the car at a fast speed, the rocket will be activated. Therefore, the car can fly high.
  • Level 13 - West: At this level, you need to go to the finish line, but remember that it is in the west.

In general, all levels in this game are really interesting. If you are interested in it, try it out and remember to take a look at Highway Racer which is also an exciting game on our website.