About Earn To Die

Check out Earn To Die which is an interesting driving game. Crush all zombies along the way and rush to the finish line before your car runs out of fuel.

The story

The game follows a man who is still alive in the zombie apocalypse. When he is driving his helicopter to reach a city, the system warns that his helicopter is about to run out of fuel. Therefore, he has to land in a desert near the city. After marking his destination on the map, he gets into a car and drives it to get to the city. It seems that he wants to find something in this city.

The gameplay

The mechanics of this game are super simple. Just drive your car to reach the finish line to move to the next level. However, the fuel in your car is limited. Therefore, you must be quick. Try to get to the finish line before your car runs out of fuel. You can meet many zombies along the way. Don't worry! Go straight and crush all zombies blocking your way. You will earn a lot of money at the end of the day. Use this money to upgrade the fuel of your car to go further. Moreover, you can buy new and stronger guns, engines, and gearboxes for your car.

How to control

Press left-right arrow keys for tilt.

Press an up arrow key to accelerate the speed.

All maps in Earn To Die

Like Drift Hunters, this game also has many maps. Specifically, there are three maps in this game. They are Desert Dash, Red Canyon, and Cactus Ride. Each map has a distinct feature. You must upgrade your car to defeat all zombies on all maps. After conquering the Cactus Ride map, you will reach a small restaurant. A truck is parked near it. Get into the truck and drive it away.