Information about Earn To Die 2

Welcome to the second part called Earn To Die 2! Drive your car to traverse wastelands full of hungry zombies and try to reach an evacuation ship.

The prologue

This game is the sequel to Earn To Die. In the previous, after parking the helicopter, the man received a call from Exodus Military Base. He is announced to proceed to Airfield B-13 for emergency evacuation. This airfield is in the desert. Therefore, he has to return to the desert dash to evacuate with other survivors. The man gets into his car and starts his new adventure in the zombie apocalypse.

The playing rules

You must go with the man to help him reach the evacuation place safely. Drive your car to rush to the finish line at a fast speed before the fuel of your car runs out. If the fuel of your car runs out before you cross the finish line, you have to return to the starting point. One tip is to use your money to upgrade the fuel of your car. Furthermore, don't be afraid of confronting hungry zombies along the way. You can drive your car to hit as many zombies as possible.

This new version has more maps than the previous one. Specifically, you need to go through 4 maps which are Forgotten Hill, Cactus Ride, Red Canyon, and Desert Dash.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys for tilt.

Press an up arrow key to raise the speed.

The garage in Earn To Die 2

Like Drift Hunters, this game also offers various cars which are American LaFrance Eagle, 18-Wheeler Truck, and Flatbed Truck. The American LaFrance Eagle is available at the start of the game. Meanwhile, you need to complete level 1 to unlock the 18-Wheeler Truck. The Flatbed Truck is unlocked after you complete level 2. Besides, do not forget to buy upgraded wheels, gearboxes, and engines to make your truck more powerful. In addition, you can equip your car with strong guns.