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Fighter Aircraft Pilot

Welcome to Fighter Aircraft Pilot which is an attractive driving game with realistic 3D visuals. Become a pilot and drive your airplane to finish 10 missions.

The game modes in Fighter Aircraft Pilot

Like MX Offroad Master, this game also has many game modes. Specifically, there are two game modes. They are Free Fly and Missions.

  • Free Fly: In this mode, you can drive your airplane to fly around the sky to practice your driving skill. Moreover, this mode also offers many kinds of airplanes such as A29, A10, F35, Electric, and KC-10. You can try driving all of them to learn how to drive an airplane.
  • Missions: This mode requires you to complete 10 tasks. In each task, you need to find your opponents and shoot them down in the shortest time.

This game was made by Faramel Games and released in October 2018. It is considered to become one of the best driving games because its 3D visuals are realistic and impressive. When playing this game, you will feel that you are a real pilot. While driving the airplane, you can enjoy the beautiful blue sky. Don't hesitate to invite your friends to play Fighter Aircraft Pilot now.


Press an E key to start the engine.

Press a 1 or 2-key throttle up or down

Press the X key to remove the parking brake

Press a down arrow: to start flying (after achieving a good speed)

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Scroll the mouse wheel to change your weapon.

Press an L key to drop a bomb

Press a V key to turn on or off lights

Press a 5 key to dump fuel

Press a 6 key to refill fuel

Press an I key for the afterburner

Press a P key to reverse the burner

Press the Space bar to use the brake lever