About Goose Game

Invite your friends to play Goose Game now! Take turns throwing dice and controlling the gooses to reach the final square in the shortest time.

In this game, you can invite up to 4 friends to play it with you. First, you and your friends need to select your favorite goose and then click the Play button. The mechanics of this game are super simple. You and your friends will take turns rolling dice to get the highest number. For example, if you get 9, your goose will jump over 9 squares. The game will end when one of the gooses reaches the final square. Can you be the first one to reach the final square to become the winner?

Special squares in Goose Game

Here are some special squares that you need to take caution with.

  • House square: You will lose three turns if your goose jumps on the house square.
  • Prison Square: Your goose will be imprisoned forever if it jumps on the prison square. At this time, you can ask your friend to rescue you.
  • Well Square: Your goose will also get stuck when it jumps on the well square.
  • Maze Square: Your goose will return to square 39 if it jumps on the maze square.
  • Goose Square: Unlike the above squares, the goose square will double your number. It means that your goose can go further if it reaches the goose square.