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Grand Extreme Racing

The information about Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing is an exciting racing game offering breathtaking F1 races. Attempt to win the F1 championship to earn as many coins as possible.

The playing rules

If you are keen on racing games like Drift Boss, this game is the best choice. At the start of the game, you should choose the Practice mode to train your driving skill. In this mode, you can choose to practice alone or with the CPU. Drive your F1 car around the racetrack at a fast speed. Learn how to drift, accelerate speed, and evade obstacles. After mastering all skills, you can choose between the Challenge mode or the Championship mode. In the Challenge mode, you need to join F1 races. In each race, you have to complete one lap within 1 minute and 25 seconds. Be quick to earn a big reward. Besides, you can invite your friends to take part in the races with you. In the Championship, you will get an opportunity to participate in an official F1 racing league. There are 9 rounds you need to join. In each round, you have to compete with 9 other professional racers to complete three laps. If you are one of three drivers to complete three laps first, you will be qualified to move to the next round. Attempt to enter the final round and win it to gain many coins.


Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move.

Use a C key to change the camera view.

Use a R key to reset the position of the car.

Hold Shift + W key to raise the speed.

Cars and maps in Grand Extreme Racing

All cars in the garage

In the garage, you can see 5 F1 cars. Two of them are available for you to drive while the others are sold at different prices.

  • Bluran - A5: This car is red. Its statistics are medium. Therefore, it is a suitable car for beginners.
  • Red Bull - S: The color of this car is black and white. Its speed is faster than Bluran A5
  • Pulrari - C4: This car costs 280,000 dollars. Its color is blue.
  • Red Bull - T: You need to pay 370,000 dollars to get a Red Bull T. It is yellow.
  • Dermedes G: It is the most expensive and fastest car in this game. Its price is 430,000 dollars and its color is red and black.

Besides purchasing our favorite F1 car, you also need to upgrade the engine of the car and customize its tires. There are many kinds of tires that you can select.

All playable race tracks

There are 9 racetracks in this game. They are located in different cities and countries such as Melbourne in Australia, Aintree in the UK, Mexico City in Mexico, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Monza in Italy, Berlin in German, Baku in Azerbaijan, Istanbul in Turkey, Long Beach in USA, and Bowmanville in Canada. You are allowed to choose one of the racetracks in the Challenge and Practice modes. However, in the Championship mode, you need to join 9 races in 9 racetracks in order.