Join Heads Mayhem

Take part in exciting shooting battles in Heads Mayhem. Enter different arenas and take down your opponents five times to become the best gunner.

In this game, you will transform into a professional gunner with a big head and small feet. You need to choose to play with the CPU or other 1, 2, or 3 players. Then, you can select between 8 game maps. You should think carefully and choose a suitable game map that will benefit you during the fight. After entering the arena, you must grab your gun immediately and shoot at your rivals constantly. Note that you will score if your rivals fall off the arena. If you are the first one who can get five points first, you will become the ultimate winner of the fight as well as the best gunner. I recommend you collect yellow and red boxes scattered in the arena. The yellow box will offer you a lot of ammo while the red box will provide you with a heart. Keep in mind that your shotgun can be upgraded to a sniper rifle or a launcher after you collect many yellow boxes.

The gameplay of this game is really interesting, so invite your friends to play it now. It is time to show off your shooting skill and prove that you are the best. Besides, our website presents MX Offroad Master which is an interesting racing game. You can spare your time to check it out.

How to control


Press the arrow keys to move.

Press an M key to shoot.

Press an N key to throw bombs.


Press the WASD keys to move.

Press an H key to shoot.

Press a G key to throw bombs.


Press the IJKL keys to move.

Press a P key to shoot.

Press an O key to throw bombs.

PLAYER 4568 arrow keys to move.

Press an 0 key to shoot.

Press a 1 key to throw bombs.