About Hefty Shaman

Participate in an exciting adventure with a shaman in Hefty Shaman. Help him overcome dangers and collect necessary items for the rainmaking ritual.

Because the drought makes the life of the tribe more difficult, the shaman of the tribe decides to make a rainmaking ritual. To prepare for this ritual, he needs many items. Therefore, he starts his adventure to collect these items. You need to go with him in this adventure. During the adventure, you will encounter many spike traps. Take control of the shaman to jump to make the spike traps fly up. When the spike traps fly up, you need to run over them as fast as possible. You will meet other shamans along the way. Gather them because they will assist you a lot in the rainmaking ritual. Your destination is the altar of the shaman. Try to guide the character to reach the altar safely to win the level. There are 14 levels in this game. Can you beat all of them?

How to control

Press the WASD keys to move.

Press the spacebar to jump.

Press a R key to reset the position of the character.