The playing rules of Hero Space Run

Fly your ship and race on an endless racetrack in Hero Space Run. Dodge all obstacles and monsters along the way and collect as many coins as possible.

Race on an endless racetrack

In this game, you will drive your ship to fly on an endless racetrack. This racetrack is full of obstacles. Importantly, these obstacles are movable, so you need to predict their moving direction and control your ship to fly to the left or right to evade these obstacles. Moreover, you also need to watch out for alien monsters along the way. You should move to the left or right to dodge these monsters. Another way is to shoot them down. Try your best to fly as far as possible and collect as many coins as you can.

Complete arcade missions

There are a total of 22 arcade missions in this game. They are classified into three degrees of difficulty which are Easy, Medium, and Hard. There are 7 easy missions, 7 medium missions, and 8 hard missions. These missions can be to get through these levels, collect coins, and kill monsters. You must complete these missions in order to earn many coins.

How to control

Hold and release the mouse to control the ship.

Press an up arrow key to shoot.

All ships in Hero Space Run

There are 8 ships in this game. They are a Viper XS200, a ViperM2 XL400, a Corvette Carrier, a Carrier V2 XL, a Twin Viper, a Low Rider XP, a Gouxnict 22, and a SkyHawk Space Edition. Each ship has a distinct feature, design, and price. For example, the ViperM2 XL400 has a high control speed and costs 3800 coins. Meanwhile, the Carrier V2 XL has a good shield and costs 12,200 coins. Accumulate as many coins as possible and use them to buy your favorite ship. Besides, you can purchase strong weapons and use them to eliminate alien monsters.