All game modes in Highway Racer

Highway Racer is a thrilling racing game that will put your driving skill to the test. Drive your car to join different challenges and earn the highest score.

There are five game modes in this game. In each game mode, you are required to complete a different mission.

  • One Way: In this mode, you will drive your car to go on an endless one-way road. All vehicles on the road go in the same direction as you. You must evade all vehicles and go as far as possible to earn the highest possible score.
  • Two Way: This mode requests you to race on a two-way road. Besides vehicles going in the same direction as you, you also need to dodge vehicles going in the opposite direction. Your score will increase constantly when you race on the road. Therefore, you need to go as far as possible to gain as many points as you can.
  • Time Attack: The allotted time of this mode is 100 seconds. You must go the furthest distance to gain the highest score before the time is over. One tip is to accelerate the speed when playing this mode.
  • Speed Bomb: Your car has a bomb. This bomb will explode when your car decreases its speed and the red bar at the left is empty. Therefore, you must increase the speed of the car at all times to stop the bomb and gain the highest score.
  • Multiplayer Mode: This mode allows you to join a thrilling race with other racers from all over the world. You will be matched with a random player and race with him or her. The one who can go further and gain more points will become the best driver.

Choose one of these game modes and play this game now. Besides, do not forget to take a look at another interesting driving game called Drift Boss on our website.

How to control

Press an Up Arrow Key to increase the speed.

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to steer the car to the left or right.

Press a Down Arrow Key to slow down the speed.

Relevant information about Highway Racer

All stages

There are three stages. In each stage, the weather condition will change. For example, in stage 1, it is sunny. In stage 2, you need to race on an endless road at night. In stage 3, it is rainy. You should be careful when choosing stage 2 or 3. If you drive your car at night, your vision will be limited. It is difficult for you to see vehicles on the road. In stage 3, the road is fairly slippery because it is raining. Therefore, you must watch out. Try not to crash into vehicles along the way.

All cars

Like Drift Hunters, this game also offers many cars. They are a sports car, a tuned car, a coupe, a van, a pickup, a jeep, a super sport car. Each car has a unique feature. For example, the supercar is the fastest car while the handling of the van is the best. The brake of the coupe is really good. You should look at the statistics of the cars and choose the most suitable one for you.