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Highway Rider Extreme

The gameplay of Highway Rider Extreme

Are you ready to drive your motorcycle in Highway Rider Extreme? Race on the highway at a breakneck speed and đoge all vehicles on the highway.

Race on the highway

Like Highway Racer, your racetrack in this game is also the highway where many vehicles are going. You must drive your motorcycle to evade these vehicles to avoid having a traffic accident. Moreover, you also try not to crash into barriers on two sides of the road. Your motorcycle will be damaged and your speed will decrease if you hit the barriers. Keep in mind that you have only more than 20 seconds to reach the finish line. If you cannot complete this objective before the time is over, you will fail. You can look at the map at the top of the screen to know how far it is from your position to the finish line. In addition, you should collect as many yellow coins and purple coins as possible.

Complete many levels

In this game, you need to complete many levels, which is similar to Uphill Rush 9. Specifically, you will traverse from the city to snowy mountains and finish 30 challenging levels. The allotted time will decrease when you move to the higher level. Therefore, you must go as fast as possible to cross the finish line as soon as you can.

How to control: Press the left-right arrow keys to move to the left or right to dodge vehicles.

Various motorcycles in Highway Rider Extreme

There are 8 motorcycles sold at the shop. Here is the list of all motorcycles and their prices.

  • Skoot X100: It costs 899 coins and is green.
  • JTM 250C: Its price is 2699 coins and its color is orange. This motorcycle can go in extreme terrains.
  • Honda CB450: The price of this motorcycle is 4999 coins and it is red. Its engine is fairly strong.
  • Ducati 500LF: You need to pay 7299 coins to buy this blue motorcycle.
  • Hurdley Supaglide: This green motorcycle costs 9999 coins.