The playing guideline in Hyper Neon Ball

Hyper Neon Ball is a hard hypercasual game featuring many levels. Try to make the ball fly into the basket bin to complete the level and earn many coins.

This game is played by aiming accurately to make the ball fly into the basket bin in the center of the room. There are many obstacles around the basket bin which prevent the ball from falling into it. Therefore, don't make the ball fly too low. However, you should not make the ball fly too high. The important tip is to aim accurately. Note that you have three chances to throw the ball. If you fail three times, the game is over. If you successfully throw the ball into the basket bin, you will be rewarded with many coins and diamonds. There are 12 challenging levels with different levels of difficulty in this game. Can you beat all levels?

How to control: Hold the left mouse button and release it to make the ball fly.

The shop in Hyper Neon Ball

In the shop, 17 kinds of balls are sold. They are an eyeball, a galaxy ball, a baseball, a dangerous ball, a next-gen ball, a bomb, a galaxy-wheelie ball, an American ball, and a basketball. Moreover, you can buy more balls such as a rainbow ball, a golf ball, a pinky ball, a soccer ball, a tennis ball, a sky ball, and a network ball. Some balls can be unlocked by using diamonds while you must use coins to buy other ones. Besides, some balls are unlocked after you complete the levels. Try to purchase all the balls in the shop and choose one of them to play this game now.