How the game works

Get ready to ride a mini bike to traverse the ice world in the Icycle game Don't let the cold and dangerous obstacles of this ice world freeze your will.

The context of Icycle

The game puts you in a dangerous but exciting situation. An old man wakes up to find himself naked and in a laboratory glass. Next to it is a small bicycle which is also placed in another laboratory cage. When the old man successfully managed to escape the laboratory glass, he discovered that this place was an ice world. Everywhere is white with snow, ice, and cold. He's looking for a way to get out of here. To move faster, the old man took the other bicycle as a means of transportation.

Your mission in this skill game

Your task is to help the old man complete the journey on the bike. The bubbles will guide you. You control the old man character riding the bike according to those bubbles. Besides, collect as many bubbles as you can. Using the right arrow key to control the character to move and pressing the spacebar to make the car jump are the controls that you need to remember.

Difficulties of the game

As mentioned above, everything in this ice world is cold and white. Therefore, your vision will be difficult. You should focus on timely detecting sharp icebergs on the way or the abyss. When encountering those barriers, control the car and the character jumps over them to overcome them. In addition, the game only shows you a short distance. Once you pass that road, you can see the next road. Sometimes you will encounter traps as soon as you move to that next stretch of road. Therefore, be careful. If you like bike riding games, you can experience the MX Offroad Master game.