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Jellystone Express

The instruction to play Jellystone Express

Play Jellystone Express to become a professional shipper in the small town. Drive your car to go around the town and help people complete different jobs.

In this game, you will play as Yogi who is a deliveryman in a small town. You will drive your car to reach different houses in the town. The people in these houses will ask you to finish different tasks. They can collect yarn, park the van on the right spot without touching anything else, clean the beach, fix the Ferris wheel, test a new track, hunt fish, and so on. You must complete these missions before the time is over. Note that accomplishing assigned tasks will help you gain more experience points to level up and driving licenses.

It is an opportunity to test your driving skill. Try not to crash into other vehicles on the road or anything else along the way. Play this game now and become the best driver in the town. If you enjoy this game, don't ignore another interesting driving game which is Coaster Racer 2.

How to control

Press an up arrow key to accelerate.

Press a down arrow key to brake or reverse.

Press the left-right arrow keys to move to the left or right.

All maps in Jellystone Express

The small town has 7 buildings including a school, a mall, a lighthouse, a city hall, a hospital, an alley, and a haberdashery. In each place, you will meet different people and have to complete three tasks. You can open the map and choose the place you want to go. Then, the green arrow symbols will appear. You should follow these green arrow symbols to avoid getting lost.