Join Kart Racing Pro

Are you ready for an endless kart race in Kart Racing Pro? Drive your kart to race with the other 13 racers and attempt to go as far as possible.

In this game, you will get a chance to join an endless kart game with the other racers. In this race, the racetrack is endless, so you must go as far as possible to gain the highest score. To go further, you should collect gasoline cans along the way. You must pick them up before your kart runs out of fuel. If your kart runs out of fuel, it will stop and you will lose. Moreover, you also need to overtake other racers to become the fastest racer. Pay attention to yellow arrow symbols along the racetrack. If you go through them, the speed of your kart car will rise dramatically. It is an opportunity for you to overtake other racers in the race. Note that your speed will decrease if you go off the racetrack. Therefore, control the kart skillfully.

How to control: Press the arrow keys or WASD keys to drive the kart.

Creator and release date

This game was developed by Market JS. It was launched in May 2023 and is available on this web browser. You can use your PC to play it now.