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Memory Match: Puzzle

The gameplay of Memory Match-Puzzle

Test your sharp eyes and temporary memory by playing Memory Match: Puzzle now. Try to find couples of identical tiles to eliminate them from the playing field.

In this game, all tiles will be uncovered for seconds. At this time, you must glance quickly at all tiles on the playing field and remember the symbols on them. When all tiles are covered, you will start to find couples of identical tiles to remove them from the playing field. You will gain two stars after clearing two identical tiles. Remove as many tiles as possible and earn as many stars as you can. Moreover, when you get stuck, you can click the Hint button at the bottom of the screen. Two tiles of the same tiles will be eliminated automatically after you click this button. Note that you just can use it three times for free. If you want to use it more, you need to pay 50 stars.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose the tiles.

All game modes in Memory Match-Puzzle

This game has three game modes with different playing rules. You can choose one of them to play.

  • Level Mode: In this mode, you need to complete many levels in order. Note that the difficulty of the level will increase gradually, so you must utilize your sharp eyes and temporary memory to beat all levels.
  • Time Attack: In this mode, you must win as many levels as possible within 60 seconds. Remember that completing a stage will give you extra time.
  • Relaxing Mode: There are no time limits or levels in this mode. In this mode, your goal is to eliminate as many tiles as possible.