All game modes in MX Offroad Master

MX Offroad Master is a thrilling racing game in which you must ride your bicycle to race on mountain racetracks. Race with another biker in 19 levels.

When playing this game, you can choose between two game modes which are Mountain Ride Mode and Free Ride Mode. Of course, each mode has a distinct gameplay.

Mountain Ride Mode

This mode requires you to complete 19 challenging levels. At each level, you need to ride your bicycle to race on a dangerous racetrack in the mountains. The racetrack is super treacherous because it is not only winding but also full of severe slopes. If you fall off the racetrack, you will die and reappear at the starting point. You can see many directional instruction boards. Follow them to make sure that you do not get lost. Your destination is the finish line, so attempt to reach it in the shortest time.

In addition, you can invite your friends to participate in these interesting bicycle races. You and your friend will race to reach the finish line. The one who can cross the finish line first will become the best biker. Therefore, it is an opportunity to show off your riding skill and prove yourself.

Free Ride Mode

The second mode in this game is Free Ride Mode. In this mode, you can ride your bicycle to go around the stunt racetrack. Besides, many coins are scattered on the racetrack, so you need to collect all of them. Besides, let's perform impressive air stunts to earn many diamonds. This mode offers you a chance to train your riding skill. You can invite your friend to practice riding with you. If you want to join more races, you can check out Drift Boss on our website now.

How to control

Player 1

Press A-D keys to move left or right

Press a W key to accelerate the speed.

Press the S key to stop.

Player 2

Press left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Press an up key to accelerate the speed.

Press the S key to stop.

Relevant information about MX Offroad Master

The shop

In the shop, you can buy 4 bicycles from famous brands such as Yamaha, Katy, Siebra, and Nanka. You can use coins or diamonds to exchange with them. Moreover, you can buy a new chain and hang it on your bike. There are 4 chains sold in the shop. They have different prices and shapes. For example, a chain with a dinosaur shape costs 10 coins while a chain with a crocodile shape costs 3 diamonds. Additionally, do not forget to buy a new helmet and clothes. The helmets and clothes in the shop have different colors and designs. Choose the coolest helmet and clothes to become more impressive.

Creator and release date

This game was developed by RHM Interactive that is software company publishing games for platforms. It was launched in June 2018 for Android devices. In January 2021, it was released for iOS devices. Finally, in January 2022, the developer released the game as a WebGL game. It was updated with many new features on April 10, 2023.