New things of OvO Dimensions

Check out OvO Dimensions which is an interesting adventure game featuring 3D graphics. Traverse different lands and collect as many coins as possible.

This game is a 3D version of OvO. The gameplay of this game is fairly similar to the original version. Specifically, you need to take control of the stickman to jump, slide down, and run to get to the flag. Besides, you also need to collect gold coins along the way because these coins are really important. The new thing in this game is the skin. There are 20 skins in this game. You must complete 5 levels to unlock a skin. If you want to unlock all skins, you must go through all maps and complete all levels in the game.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Press an up arrow key to jump.

Press a down arrow key to slide down.

Press an up arrow key and then a down arrow key to smash.

All maps and levels in OvO Dimensions

This game features 8 game maps. They are The Grid, Quiet Plains, Frigid Peak, Desert Temple, The Ascent, Space Station, Planet X, and Chaotic Dimension. You need to accumulate as many coins as possible and use them to unlock new game maps in this game. Note that each map has 10 levels. Therefore, there are a total of 80 levels in this game. Try your best to complete all levels and discover all lands.