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Penalty Shooters 2

The Mechanics of Penalty Shooters 2

The second version named Penalty Shooters 2 is finally launched to satisfy soccer lovers. Kick the ball into your rival's goalpost or defend your goalpost.

In this game, you will play two roles. The first role is a goalkeeper and the second one is a kicker. As a goalkeeper, you need to defend your goal post and stop your opponent from scoring. As soon as the red target board appears, you must click on it to stop the ball from flying into your goal post. If you fail, your opponent will score 200 points. As a kicker, you need to kick the ball into your enemy's goal post to score. The red target board will move from the left to the right and vice versa. You can click the left mouse button to stop the target board and kick the ball. Note that the ball will fly toward the position where the target board stops. Therefore, you should click the left mouse button when the target board is in the goalpost. You will gain 200 points after the ball touches your rival's goalpost. Note that you have five times to kick the ball and five times to defend your goalposts. At the end of the football match, the one who has a higher score will become the winner.

How to play: Use the mouse to play.

All leagues and football teams in Penalty Shooters 2

When playing this game, you will get a chance to participate in different football leagues of different countries such as Spain, Brazil, England, Italy, France, Mexico, Argentina, America, Germany, Russia, and the Netherlands. You even can join the World Cup which is the biggest football league in the world. Moreover, you also get an opportunity to become a member of famous football teams such as Adler, FRGB, Ronaldo CIT, DC Units, FT Laud Streake, and so on. Note that each league has a distinct list of teams. You can choose one of the leagues and one of the football teams before entering thrilling football matches.