About Pony Express

What is Pony Express?

Pony Express is about a brave boy's journey of delivering mail with many dangers. Get ready to ride horses and bring the letters safely to the capital.

When society was not yet developed and there was no method of sending mail online, people had to deliver mail manually. Join this game and become a brave postman. Put on a cowboy hat and ride a horse to collect the letters and deliver it to the designated location. Are you confident that you will complete this important task? After successful mail delivery, you can participate in high-speed races in Coaster Racer 2 and Highway Racer.

Challenges of letter delivery

This mail delivery journey is very interesting but also very arduous when you will encounter a lot of difficulties and challenges. You must have horse riding skills to be able to avoid obstacles on the way such as rocks, trees, rivers, puddles, and more. Besides, when you move to snowy mountain locations, your movements will trigger avalanches. You must react in time to avoid the snow burying you. Finally, you also encounter the bandits. Observe your surroundings to avoid the traps of these thieves. If you are caught by them, your letters will be taken by them.

Information you need to pay attention to

  • There are 100 letters all of which need you to collect and deliver them to the specified address. The more letters you collect, the higher your score and the more appreciated you are by everyone.
  • Simple and easy-to-remember controls with up and down arrow keys.
  • When you collide with obstacles, your journey will be paused for a moment and the journey will resume shortly after. You will drop some letters on each such collision.