The gameplay of Poor Bunny

Are you ready for the hunt for food in Poor Bunny? Control a cute rabbit to evade hazards and collect as many carrots as possible in the forest.

Collect carrots

In this game, you will transform into a cute white rabbit who is living in the forest. Carrots are your favorite food, so let's collect as many carrots as possible. These carrots will appear randomly. You need to jump on higher platforms to eat these carrots. Sometimes, golden carrots appear. a golden carrot is worth three normal carrots. Therefore, you need to pick them up at all costs. Besides collecting carrots, you need to survive as long as possible.

All dangers in the jungle

The forest is full of hazards, so you need to be careful. These dangers will appear randomly. You need to pay attention to the warning symbols to know their positions and dodge them. Here are all dangers you have to take caution with.

  • Arrows: These arrow keys will drop from the sky. However, their falling speed is fairly slow, so you can evade them easily.
  • Swinging balls: These balls will swing constantly and hit you if you stand near them. Therefore, try to stay away from these swinging balls.
  • Spiky balls: These balls will appear and move in a zig-zag direction. You need to jump to evade these spiky balls.
  • Cannons: They will appear on the tree and launch big iron balls. If you get hit by these iron balls, you will die. Therefore, you should stay away from cannons.
  • Buzzsaws: These buzzsaws will emerge on the ground. They will move from left to right, climb on the trees, and finally disappear.

How to control


Press the left-right keys to move left or right.

Press an up arrow key to jump.


Press the A-D keys to move left or right.

Press a W key to jump.

All game modes in Poor Bunny

Like Highway Racer, this game has many game modes. You can choose one of the game modes to play.

  • 1P Mode: In this mode, you will collect the carrots alone.
  • 2P Mode: In this mode, you can invite your friend to join the hunt for carrots. The game only ends when both rabbits crash into obstacles. Let's cooperate with your friends to gather as many carrots as you can.
  • VS Mode: In this mode, you and your friend will compete to collect carrots. This competition will end when one of the two rabbits touches the traps in the forest. The rabbit who can pick up more carrots will become the winner.