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Red And Blue Stickman 2

The gameplay of Red And Blue Stickman 2

Play Red And Blue Stickman 2 now to explore mysterious castles. Take control of two stickmen to run and jump to reach the exit portals of the castle.

This game invites you to join an exciting adventure in mysterious castles. You will control a red stickman and a blue stickman to go around the castle. Note that you cannot take control of two stickmen at the same time. Therefore, you must guide a blue stickman to run to the exit portal first. Then, you can click the Swap button to control the stickman. Remember that you need to collect two keys to open the exit portals. Besides running to the exit portal, you also need to rescue other stickmen imprisoned in the cage in the castle. Besides, the castle hides many dangers. You must jump over them to avoid getting hurt. Keep in mind that the red man is able to go over the lava pool but cannot touch the water. In contrast, the blue man can touch the water but cannot go over the lava pool.

How to control: Press the arrow keys to move and jump.

Developer and Platform

This game was developed by Bin Studio and was released in June 2023. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices