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Rhino Rush Stampede

The playing guidelines of Rhino Rush Stampede

Go with Rhino to explore a beautiful forest in Rhino Rush Stampede now. Try to run as far as possible and collect as many fruits as you can.

Run with the rhino

Are you ready for an exciting adventure with a little rhino? Play the game and join it now. In this game, you need to take control of a cute rhino to run as far as possible in a tropical forest. Although this forest is beautiful, it is full of dangers. Therefore, you must control the rhino to jump as high as possible to evade these hazards. Another way is to guide the rhino to dash to destroy every obstacle along the way. Besides, you also need to collect fruits such as bananas and apples. Note that the golden banana will boost the power of the rhino. After eating the golden banana, the rhino will be super powerful and can destroy everything on the road. Collect star pieces because they are really important. In addition, you also need to rescue dinosaurs imprisoned in the wooden boxes. After saving them, you can ride the dinosaurs to run. However, they will disappear after a few minutes.

How to control

Press an up arrow key to jump.

Press a right arrow key to dash.

The shop in Rhino Rush Stampede

The shop of an old monkey sells many things such as vehicles, gadgets, power-ups, and silly hats. You can buy vehicles to go faster. Additionally, the gadgets and power-ups will help you overcome obstacles easily in the jungle. Purchase silly hats to customize the rhino. Note that the star pieces and fruits can be used to exchange with these vehicles, gadgets, power-ups, and silly hats.