The principles of Road Trip FRVR

Road Trip FRVR is an endless puzzle game featuring simple playing rules. Rearrange the roads to help the car go as far as possible and level up.

In this game, the road is a mess. You must rearrange the roads, mountains, and trees along the way. Then, click on the car to make it go. The further the car can go, the higher level you can reach. You need to help the car to go the furthest distance to reach the highest level. Do not forget to collect as many coins and maps as possible along the way. The maps are really important because they will assist you a lot when you get stuck. If you click on the map, the road will be reorganized automatically. Besides collecting maps, you can buy them in the shop. Five maps cost only 20 coins.

How to control: Use the mouse to play.

The shop in Road Trip FRVR

Like Uphill Rush 8, the shop in this game also sells many cars. Here is the list of cars that you can buy.

  • A sedan: This car is red and costs 40 coins.
  • A police car: The price of this car is 50 coins.
  • A campervan: This car is red and white. You must pay 85 coins to get this car.
  • A tank: It is the most expensive vehicle in this game. You need to pay 100 coins to buy this tank. The tank is yellow.