The rules of Rodeo Stampede

Are you ready to transform into a Western cowboy and join wild animal hunts in Rodeo Stampede? Open a zoo to earn as many gold coins as possible.

Participate in hunts

In this game, you will go on a safari and hunt for wild animals. You will not kill them. Instead, you must jump on their back and tame them. When sitting on an animal, you need to guide it to move to the left or right to avoid crashing into trees or stones. When the relationship bar is full, you and this animal will be friends. The animal will lose control if you sit on it too long. Therefore, you should be quick to change your target. After taming an animal, you can chase and tame another. Your goal is to tame as many wild animals as possible. Besides, wooden boxes along the way hide many coins. Destroy them to collect coins. Use these coins to upgrade the tamed animals. Keep in mind that upgraded elephants are able to destroy every stone along the way.

How to control

Hold the Spacebar and release it to jump.

Press the Spacebar one more time to catch the animal.

Press the Spacebar to retry or choose.

How to develop your zoo in Rodeo Stampede

Besides taming animals, you can start a zoo. You will build a zoo on an island in the sky. This zoo will be the home of all tamed animals. Take care of all animals in the zoo by building their habitat and upgrading them. Then, open the zoo every day to welcome visitors and earn as many coins as possible. Besides, the money you can earn will depend on the rarity of the animals. You can go to the shop to buy rare animals like dinosaurs or tame rare animals on the safari to increase your income. Play this game now and become an owner of a large zoo. If you enjoy this game, take a look at Drive Mad which is also an interesting game.