Explore Sandbox City

Welcome to Sandbox City in which citizens become zombies. Buy weapons in the shop and use them to defeat as many zombies as possible to earn a lot of money.

All citizens in the city were infected with a strange virus that transforms them into zombies. As one of the last survivors, you need to fight against these zombies. First, you need to go to the shop to buy weapons and vehicles. You can purchase a gun or a baseball bat. Then, run around the city to find zombies and use weapons to attack them. You must try to take down zombies to earn a lot of coins. Play the game and let's see how long you can stay alive.

This game was developed by Yilmaz Kiymaz. It was released in November 2020 for Android devices, in July 2021 for iOS devices, and in December 2021 on WebGL. Therefore, it is playable on all platforms, which is identical to Turbo Moto Racer.

How to control

Press the WASD or arrow keys to move

Click the left mouse button to attack and hold it to shoot.

Hold the shift key to run.

Press the spacebar to jump when on foot, handbrake when in the car

Press an E key to enter the car, exit the car, or buy items

Press an R key to switch between weapons

Press a T key to enter and exit Slo-Mo mode

Press an L key to lock or unlock the mouse cursor

Press a C key to change the camera perspective

Press an Esc key to quit