The playing instruction of Scooter Extreme

Scooter Extreme invites you to join many scooter motorbike races. Join them now and try to reach the finish line before the other 4 players do that.

The scooter motorbike races

If you are a big fan of motorbike racing games like Moto X3M, you should not ignore this game. In this game, your vehicle is a scooter motorbike. You must drive this scooter motorbike to race with the other 4 players. Your ultimate goal is to be the first one to reach the finish line to unlock the next level. If you want to overtake other racers and become the fastest one, you should go on stunt race track ramp packs. After going on them, you will fly in the sky for seconds. While you are flying, you can flip and land safely. Another way to increase your speed is to activate the nitro. Besides, be careful with other vehicles that go in the opposite direction. If you crash into other vehicles along the way, you will lose and need to start the race again. For paper boxes or barriers along the way, you can crash into them to destroy them.

The shop

In the shop, you can buy up to 12 scooter motorbikes. These scooter motorbikes have different colors. You can collect as many coins as possible along the way and use them to buy your favorite scooter motorbike. Besides, you can earn coins by completing levels in the game.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to go forward.

Hold the left mouse button to flip in the air and release it to stop rotating and land.

All achievements in Scooter Extreme

Like Car Eats Car: Sea Adventure, this game also has many achievements. You will claim many coins after completing your achievements.

  • Beat Level 5.
  • Beat Level 25.
  • Beat Level 100.
  • Unlock your first scooter in the shop.
  • Unlock 3 scooters in the shop.
  • Unlock all scooters in the shop.
  • Land 50 flips.
  • Land 500 flips.
  • Use nitro to smash 5 opponents.
  • Land a double flip.
  • Land a triple flip.