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String Theory Remastered

String Theory Remastered is a puzzle game that applies the physics of strings. Use logical strategies to get the ball into the space hole in this game.

Direct the ball into the space hole

When you participate in this physics strategy puzzle game, you will come across an image of a space hole, a ball, or a cube lying on a string. Your task is to apply the properties of strings to move the ball or cube to the position of the space hole. When your character disappears in that dimensional hole, you complete your mission.

This puzzle game has 19 main levels and 7 bonus levels. After you complete the task of putting the ball into the space gap at level 1, you can unlock level 2 and enjoy it. Besides, it is not necessary to complete all the main levels to unlock the bonus levels. You can fully experience the bonus levels when you have not yet mastered them. However, like the main levels, you must conquer bonus level 1 to be able to play bonus level 2. This rule is completely similar to the rule in the Grand Extreme Racing game. Get ready to use your mouse to start playing the game right now!

Types of strings and their properties in String Theory Remastered

The game offers a variety of strings of different colors which have different properties. Specifically, the yellow string, red string, and blue string are the three types of string that you need to pay attention to.

  • Yellow string: The property of this yellow string is that you can move it freely. You left-click to select the string, then hold the left mouse button and slide the mouse to move the string to the position you want. However, one end of the string was fixed. Therefore, you cannot move that end of the string to another position.
  • Red string: This string is very strong. You can move it to block the road or use it as a golf club. Hit the rolling ball towards the space hole so that it disappears.
  • Blue string: You usually use this string to bounce characters. However, you need to be careful because the blue string is very easy to break.