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Subway Surfers New York

About Subway Surfers New York

Get ready for a new adventure in the sixth installment named Subway Surfers New York. Explore New York City and collect many coins while running in the subway.

The gameplay

The next destination of Jake's world tour is New York City. In this city, he encounters the inspector in the subway one more time. Therefore, a new chase starts. You must help Jake escape from the inspector and overcome many obstacles along the subway safely. In addition, collectible items are coins, letters, and power-ups. In particular, power-ups are really useful for you because they will boost your running speed and help you collect more coins. Therefore, try to pick up all power-ups you see along the way. After completing the adventure in this game, you can play Drift Hunters. It is also an interesting game on our website.

How to control

Left-Right Arrow Keys = move left or right.

Up Arrow Key = jump over obstacles.

Down Arrow Key = scroll down.

Spacebar = surf the skateboard.

The latest updates

In this new version, a new character is introduced. This character is Tony. You need to pay 95,000 coins to buy this cool character. Moreover, this version also introduces three new boards which are Miami, Monster, and Skull Fire. The Skull Fire board costs 65,000 coins while the Monster board costs only 25,000 coins.

All awards in Subway Surfers New York

Besides running, earning awards is also your mission. Here is the list of awards in this game.

  • Coin Cautious: You must try to score 50,000 points in one run without collecting coins if you want to get this award.
  • Mission Master: Try to complete two missions if you want to earn this award.
  • High Jumper: Wear the Super Sneakers for 1 minute to gain this award.
  • I Got The Power: Try to pick up 100 power-ups to get this award.
  • Jackpot Bonanza: To gain this award, you need to win the Jackpot one time.