The adventure of Super Onion Boy

Start an exciting adventure with Super Onion Boy now. Overcome many dangers along the way to find the princess kidnapped by a terrible monster.

One day, a terrible monster came and kidnapped our beautiful princess. Therefore, the brave onion boy hits the road to save the princess. You will play as the onion boy and start this thrilling adventure now. You will traverse green forests, desert hills, and high mountains to find the princess. Every adventure always has dangers. In this adventure, you also need to face many challenges that are monsters, dangerous traps, and so on. You can jump on the monsters' heads to kill them or jump over them. Besides, you can see many treasure chests along the way. Open them to get coins, hearts, and power-ups. The power-ups will transform you into a ninja or mage who is able to shoot or destroy everything along the way. Besides, the power-ups can offer a bubble that will protect you from the damage of monsters and obstacles. Try your best to reach the end safely and collect a blue gem.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to move around.

Press an X or Z key to jump.

All levels in Super Onion Boy

This game has 15 levels with three maps. Your objective in each level is to gain the highest score and collect enough 5 stars. If you want to get a high score, you must try to collect as many coins as possible. In particular, on some levels, you will encounter henchmen of this monster. You must defeat them to move to the next level. In the final level, you have to battle with the monster kidnapping the princess. After this monster is taken down, you can find the princess.