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Super Retro Chase

The rules of Super Retro Chase

Are you ready for a thrilling chase in Super Retro Chase? Drive your car to go through as many checkpoints as possible and escape from police cars.

In this game, you need to drive your car to go around the arena. The arena is full of checkpoints, so your objective is to go through as many checkpoints as possible. Whenever you go through a checkpoint, the flag in this checkpoint will break and many green cubes are dropped. You need to collect these green cubes to earn money. Besides, you also need to take caution with police cars in the arena. These cars will chase you and crash into your car to stop you. You will lose if your car hits these police cars too many times. Therefore, you need to go as fast as possible to escape police cars. Moreover, you can trap these cars to crash into each other. If you can eliminate police cars, you will earn a lot of money. You need to use your money to upgrade the speed, steering, durability, turbocharger, acceleration, traction, turbo duration, and turbo engine of your car

How to control:

Hold the left or right arrow keys to drive the car.

Press an X key to start the game.

The leaderboard in Super Retro Chase

This game has two kinds of leaderboards. They are a weekly leaderboard and an overall leaderboard. In the weekly leaderboard, the names, ranks, and the number of checkpoints of top players in a week will be displayed. The overall leaderboard will show the names, ranks, and the number of checkpoints of top players at all times. You must try to get the high ranks on these leaderboards.