Join car races in Super Star Car

The best Formula-1 races in Super Star Car are waiting for you. Participate in them now and try to be one of the first three racers to complete 4 laps.

Like Grand Extreme Racing, this game also offers Formula-1 races. In these races, you will encounter the other 8 professional racers. You and your opponents have to complete 4 laps in the shortest time. Accelerate the speed and perform impressive drifts to overtake all your rivals. Note that you can unlock the next track if you finish in the top 3. Therefore, you must try your best. There are 13 racetracks waiting for you to unlock. Besides, winning the races will help you earn a lot of money. You can use your money to purchase new grand cars in the garage and customize them.

This game features realistic controls and a first-person perspective, so you will have the most immersive playing experience. If you are the best racer, play the game and prove it now.

How to control

Press W or up arrow to accelerate the speed.

Press AD or left and right arrow keys to steer the car.

Press a C to change the camera view

Press the Spacebar to respawn the position of the car.

Note: You can use the Xbox controller to play this game.